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National Council for Combating Discrimination released for public consultation the strategic document entitled "National Strategy to prevent and combat discrimination for the period 2015-2020".

The new document was produced within the predefined project “Strengthening anti-discriminatory measures at national level through large participation of professionals and civil society”, implemented by the National Council for Combating Discrimination in partnership with the Council of Europe, between 2014-2016, as part of the program “Children and Youth at Risk and Local and Regional Initiatives to Reduce National Inequalities and to Promote Social Inclusion” within the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

In the process of drafting the strategic document, have been involved institutions with role in meeting the the strategic objectives and also relevant representatives of civil society in the field of non-discrimination.

Also, drafting the document had, as the starting point, the evaluation of the previous strategy by independent experts of the Council of Europe, evaluation that took the form of a report entitled "External assesment of the national strategy for the implementing of measures on preventing and combating discrimination for the period 2007-2013".

Short presentation of the strategic document:

The purpose of the strategy consists in creating a mechanism of action for all stakeholders, at public level and private, and developing directions of action in the medium term, tracking public policies for the implementation and compliance with the principle of equality and non-discrimination, of the diversity in social, cultural and professional areas of society. The strategy rallies with other sectorial strategies, assumed by Romanian Government.

In this sense, this strategy aims to:

To constitute a multisectorial action plan for the main areas of application of the anti-discrimination legislation;

To be an instrument of raising awareness on the problems manifesting in the romanian society, an instrument for finding directions for social construction, an instrument for developing anti-discrimination culture and an instrument for promotion of an inclusive society;

To be a tool for monitoring and assessment of prevention actions and of combating discrimination and to be a tool for promoting the principle of equality.

The overall objectives of the strategy are:

Developing a coherent, consistent, effective and sustained sistem for cooperation between all actors (actors in charge from the public area - central and rural, but also from private area) with the purpose of eliminating all forms of discrimination and adopting specific measures for the protection of vulnerable groups;

Developing a system of empowerment (thus becoming accountable) of the relevant actors from socio-economic, cultural and public area of society in the fight to eliminate the discrimination phenomenon;
Increasing and sustaining initiatives of the actors operating in the private and public sector in order to eliminate discrimination in all fields;

Protection of persons prone to discrimination and of groups vulnerable;

Increasing access to all citizens in conditions of equality, to education, health, goods and services, housing, economic activity and profession;

Respect for personal dignity of all persons or of the persons belonging to vulnerable groups;

Raising awareness of the phenomenon of discrimination and its effects;

The application of European Community law in the field of non-discrimination;

Increasing the capacity of public institutions to combat discrimination by creating their own implementation mechanisms;

Monitoring and investigating discrimination in Romania, identifying the magnitude of the phenomenon, identifying the lines of action, the initiatives and the necessary measures to prevent all forms of discrimination.