Project Summary

Strengthening anti-discriminatory measures at national level through large participation of professionals and civil society

National Council for Combating Discrimination, as promoter of the project, in partnership with the Council of Europe, set the overall objective of this project to identify means of preventing and combating discrimination al all levels in Romania.

The project aims to contribute to the development of the national strategy to prevent and combat discrimination for the period 2014-2020 with a large participation of all relevant actors and based on relevant European standards. Another goal is to increase the level of awareness regarding the new challenges in the dynamics of the discrimination phenomenon in the Romanian society, at both national and local level.

The allocated budget is 399.990 Euro, the project duration is 24 months (in the period March 2014 - March 2016) and the main activities are the following:

  1. Research for identifying European good practices and development of relevant information materials
  2. Carrying out a survey regarding perceptions, attitudes, and expectations of the population regarding the discrimination phenomenon and the methods to combat it
  3. Consultations with the institutions involved in the implementation of the Strategy (ministries, other central and local authorities) and NGOs active in the field and representatives of vulnerable groups and of the professional categories
  4. Organization of roundtables at regional level with representatives of local authorities, NGOs active at local/regional level, professional associations in order to identify current issues and optimal solutions to manage them
  5. Establishment of a working group and development of a Strategy proposal
  6. Specialized courses for the representatives of professional categories directly involved in judicial and educational activities having an impact on the issue of discrimination (school inspectors, teachers, magistrates, and policemen)
  7. Organizing a study visit at the European Court of Human Rights and the Council of Europe for a group of experts and magistrates
  8. Developing a promotion campaign (including social media) regarding the issue of discrimination in Romania
  9. Creation of a web platform/portal to make known the specific activities to prevent and combat discrimination and the new national strategy in the field

The project brings together the expertise of the two partners, National Council for Combating Discrimination (Romania) and the Council of Europe, and it will be implemented under the second component of the programme RO10: supporting cooperation between public authorities, civil society, and private sector in order to reduce national inequalities, with focus on promoting a non-discriminatory, inclusive, and participatory culture at local level.The project is in line with the mission and the National Council for Combating Discrimination is the most effective way to build on the experience gained in this field in Romania and to fully benefit from the Council of Europe’s standards and expertise.