Activity 4 - Organisation of roundtables at regional level with representatives of local authorities, NGOs active at local/regional level, professional associations in order to identify current issues and optimal solutions to manage them

Expected result: Gathering of significant data about the challenges and the difficulties encountered during the efforts made to combat discrimination, to protect vulnerable groups and to ensure equal opportunities, based on consultation with local authorities (mayors, local councils, local agencies in areas such as social), non-governmental organizations and professional associations at local level

Expected and realized value: A set of 5 reports containing the main conclusions and recommendations of the 5 round tables with the representatives of central, regional and local authorities, NGOs active in the field, associations and representatives of the vulnerable groups and of various professional categories.


Within this specific activity it was organized a total of 5 meetings at the regional level, as follows:

• Timisoara, March 6, 2015

• Iasi, March 9, 2015

• Sibiu, March 18, 2015

• Cluj-Napoca, March 20, 2015

• Craiova, March 31, 2015

The main conclusions and recommendations of the five regional consultations to have been synthesized in a set of five reports, reports that were used in drafting the new strategic document entitled "National Strategy to Prevent and Combat Discrimination for the period 2015-2020".